1. Why don’t all of the articles have Teacher Resources?

In the fall we decided to change the format of our teacher resources. However this project was stalled for a few months and we have recently begun working on them again. Please look forward to resources for all articles in the next few months. (Posted February 3rd, 2011)

2. What if I find inappropriate content on one of the website links?

Please report it to us. While it’s advantageous to provide links that have content on a specific topic, it is difficult to explore entire websites. Teachers: Please be advised that we rely on you to determine whether or not a site is appropriate for your class.

3. Why aren’t the buttons or titles highlighted to show what page I’m on?

This website uses blog software. Many of the blog websites do not have buttons that highlight when you are on a specific page. I’m not entirely sure why. Instead, the title of each page corresponds to the link you clicked to get there.

4. Why do the articles only have one category? It seems clear that they can fall into several categories.

For the sake of organization, each article is categorized only once. Giving it multiple categories means the article would appear repeatedly throughout. If you think we should change this, just let us know. We are open to suggestions. Please note that you can find any article topic we have by using the Search engine.